For over 60 years the highly trained and experienced Lismore Diesel technicians has carried out service & repairs on all types of diesel fuel injection systems. We service all makes & models of cars, 4wds, trucks, marine, mining, industrial & commercial equipment.

Diesel 4WD and Sedans

Look under the bonnet of any modern 4WD or family car and you will see the extent to which diesel technology is now being used to improve performance whilst putting less stress on the environment through reduced fuel consumption and exhaust pollution.

It requires an expert with approved knowledge and skills and the right equipment to service the level of sophisticated automotive technology now emerging in diesel sedans, and Lismore Diesel is at the forefront of keeping the most modern of diesel sedans performing at their peak for power, performance and economy. We also offer Performance tuning.

Call us when reliability matters

We diagnose, repair, service, calibrate and fit all Diesel Fuel Injection Components

  • We supply and fit new and exchange injector pumps
  • Injector pump repairs and calibration
  • Quality filters and other spare parts

Including all pump makes and models of;

  • Common Rail Pumps
  • Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) Pumps
  • Electronic Unit Pump (EUP)
  • Rotary & In-line Pumps

We also offer injector specialist services including;

  • New Injectors
  • Exchange Injectors
  • Repairs (to all makes of injectors)
  • Spares (for all makes)
  • Injector Re-manufacturing
  • Injector Cleaning

We have new and exchange Common Rail Injectors and Electronic Unit Injector (EUI – Injector & Pump combinations)

Bosch radial piston injection pump
diesel injector electronic
Lismore Diesel Centre building